Helle Høybye Andersen

Uddannelse: Multilingual Secretary

Job: Internal Sales at Outukumpu A/S's Sales Office in Kolding.

Cats: I have been a cat breeder for over 30 years. In the beginning I was breeding Persians in the colors chocolate and lilac. My persians had long noses and big ears, and therefore they were not able to compete at the cats shows, but they were strong built and healthy with lots of fur.

At a cat show I fell in love with the most beautiful sealtortie Burmese kitten, and this became my fate!

My breed is The Burmese- There is no breed that has so much personality, so much life and so much naughtiness. It is just MORE of everything. The burmese cat is extremely affectionate and extremely curious. It is part of everything that you do.

A Burmese cat fills your home with soul and leaves an imprint on your life like no other cat can do! Therfore I can not imagine a life without at least 2 or 3 or 4 or more Burmese in my life.

Interests: the cats and the dogs, good books, good movies.

Favorite colors: pink/rosa and lilac

Favoritfood: Lasagne.

Favorite drink: Tea, Pepsi Max or just water.

Favorite time of year: Spring - the start of something new!

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