Welcome to the website:

by Helle Høybye-Andersen d.22/12-2015

The website for my breeding of Burmese cats under the cattery name of Magicat DK
The old website, which I had made myself, had existed for some years and was due for a thorough reconstruction.
Sarah Høybye, my eldest daughter who is an educated Web Integrator, made the new website.
The main idea behind this website is simplicity, clarity and information.

I know there is a lot of text, but that is because I have so much to tell. I love the Burmese cat.
I want to introduce you to all my cats, who each has a personality of their own. Each cat has a place in our small family cattery, in our home and in our hearts.
At the same time, our house is the home of my husband, Jens, our daughter Melissa and myself, and then our three whippets.
Though people think we are very strange having 12-13 cats and three dogs in our home, there is still a balance in things. Jens takes care of the dogs and I am in charge of the cats.
Previously we did show and bred whippets, but we have realized that we have no time for it anymore. So now, we just enjoy the three whippet-ladies we have now, and I am concentrating on my breeding of Burmese cats.

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