About of Magicat

Burmese kittens from the Cattery of Magicat have a loving and outgoing personality, and they will prepared for all the future experiences which they will meet in their new life.

Our burmese kittens are of good type, and they have the features, which we, as burmese lovers, love. Such as the typical fantastic silky burmese coat, and a good weight without it losing it's elegance.

The Burmese caracter means a lot to us. We do not use burmese in our breeding who show signs of nervousness, agrression or who are generally turn way from people and other cats.

We breed burmese cats based on Danish, German, English and Australian blod lines. During the years we have imported cats from others countries in Europe, because we believe that it is of outmost importance to ensure new blod to the benefit of the genepole and the breeding of burmese cats in Denmark.

If possible we only breed 1 litter at a time, because, as a family with children, and our burmese cats and kittens are a integrated part of our family life. In this way we ensure room, time and space for adults, children, burmese, kittens and dogs.

Our burmeser kittens are isolated from the rest of the group until they have been vaccinated. Then, when it is safe considering health, development and general readiness of the kittens, they will be introduced to our other burmese and our whippets. We believe it is important for the kittens to be a part of the family with everything this involves of sounds etc. In our family this means that the kittens will be used to children and dogs.

Our burmese and kittens runs freely around the house. All of our back garden is fenced in, this means that we have approx. 240 m2 yard, where we spend at lot of time during the summer.

If you buy a kitten from us, the kitten will be vaccinated and with a veterinary certificate. The burmese kitten is sound and healthy and with the special loving and friendly caracter our burmese cats are famous for. We can offer you a life long aguidance in everything concerning the cats, and we gladly answer questions at any time. We have more than 25 years of experience to use from.

We have always been happy to find the best homes for our kittens. When potentiel buyers visit our home, we try to find the special kitten who suits them and their family.

Of Magicat burmese are free from provable genetic defects.

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