The Burmese looks a lot like the traditional Siamese cat with the slender body on elegant legs. However, this where the resemblance stops. The Burmese cat has a much more compact and cobby body with a strong quite heavy built. It has oval paws. The tail is suitable to the body,not too long and not too short with a rounded tip. The head is short is rounded with distinguished is from chartreuse to orange. Yellow is most common. The Burmese cat has a single close lying silky coat without any undercoat.

Though the Burmese cat looks fine and delicate, it must be stronger and heavier than it looks. Some call it: "Bricks wrapped in silk" - because of the silky coat and the heavy built.

The Burmese Cat come in the following colours:

Brown/seal - a warm brown coat colour as dark chocolate and shining like a Black panther, only in brown.
Chocolate - a warm light chocolate colour like milkchocolate or Café au laît (coffee with cream).
Blue - a steel blue colour with a silvery shimmer.
Lilac - a light rose/lavender pastel colour with a rosy or blueish glow.
Red - a warm mandarin-orange golden colour.
Creme - a delicate creamish sandy colour with a dusty shimmer.

In addition, in the tortie varieties sealtortie, chocolatetortie, bluetortie and lilactortie, which is the fore mentioned colours mixed with red or creme.

The Burmese cat is a beautiful cat, who has not won its fans only from the looks, but from unique character. The Burmese cat has a fantastic loving and friendly temper, which is not comparable to the behaviour of any other cat breed at all.

Though the Burmese cat is an active breed, a Burmese spends most of its time its people, on a lap in front of the TV, or around the house following the people. A Burmese loves children with whom it loves to play. A Burmese accepts being carried around and driven the children’s carriages and a Burmese is often found playing and watching the children. This is even when the cat itself is not raised among children.
The Burmese cat gets along with other animals, and other cat breeds, but in time the Burmese cat will be in charge.

The Burmese cat is inventive, fearless and sometimes mischievous, teasing and stubborn. They say that a cat is independent, but the Burmese is very attached to its people. A burmese loves guests. People, who are generally not very into cats, will eventually be persuaded by a loving Burmese. Burmese cats have persuaded many cat haters to love them.

Fans of the Burmese cat are loyal. If you have once owned a Burmese cat you will always get back to them. Many breeders of other breeds often have a Burmese cat in their home as well.

All these features about the Burmese cat is not evident when you look at the Burmese cats at shows or a photos, this must be experienced in a home of Burmese cats.

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